1. What integration method should I use for my service?

For a cam site or live streaming integration, use one of the Cam Solutions. Cam Extension for Chrome is the most popular as it provides a simple integration method and many great features for broadcasters.

For games or applications, use one of the Standard Solutions. The Standard API is for PC-based games or applications. The Standard JS API is for web-based games and applications.

To add Lovense features like toy connection directly into your app, check out our Native SDKs.

2. Do I need a Callback URL?

If you integrate with a solution other than the Cam Extension, yes. This allows you to receive status updates about your user's phone and connected toys, when they are using the Lovense Remote or Lovense Connect app.

3 What is "Heartbeat" used for in the Callback URL settings?

The heartbeat setting is how often we will send device/toy information to your Callback URL. The actual frequency may be slower than the heartbeat if your user is running the app in the background.

4. I don’t have or don’t use my own server. How can I do the integration?

If you don't have your own server, your users must use the Lovense desktop app or Lovense mobile app that is on the same local network as their computer.

Cam Solutions

1. What’s the difference between the Cam Extension and Cam Kit?

Both options allow your models to use Lovense patented tip-activated vibrations. The main differences are in the amount of features and the setup method. For Cam Extension integration, models install our Cam Extension in the Chrome browser and set up their tip levels and other options inside the extension settings page. For Cam Kit integration, this embeds a more basic tip menu settings page on your website.

The Cam Extension includes more than 20 additional games and visual tools and is constantly being updated with new cool features. Cam Kit integration is more basic and mainly includes tip-activated vibrations.

2. I’m ready to test, what should I do now?

Please follow the steps below to test the entire integration process (Cam Extension only)

  1. Apply for a lovenense developer account, and fill in "Model Broadcasting URL Pattern" under the "Cam Solution" column of the developer Dashboard. Please fill in the URL address of the live broadcast room according to the correct rules. For the specific filling format, please refer to [this address](https:/ /developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/mv3/match_patterns/)


  1. Install the Cam Extension on chrome and log in, enter the settings page, add a live broadcast platform, and set the reward rules

It should be noted that if the current state of your platform is the pedding state, you need to add a test: prefix in front of the search platform name


  1. Install PC Connect or iOS/Android Connect App, connect the toy, and then set the Cam Extension / Toy Status module to obtain toy information


  1. Use the model account to access the model's live broadcast room page and start the live broadcast. If the live broadcast room page has correctly integrated jdk according to the developer documentation, you can see a Widget appear


  1. Use the audience account to visit the live broadcast room of the above models, reward the corresponding tokens, and see if the model's toys normally trigger vibration according to the set rules.

6. I operate a cam site. How can I get my logo on the Lovense website?

Please use our developer emailcontact us

7. Can my models set up in the Cam Extension?

Guides are here https://www.cam101.com/lovense/camming-download-guidesopen in new window

8. Is there a developer mode for Lovense software?

Have no.

Standard Solutions

1. I tried posting to https://api.lovense.com/api/lan/getToys with the user id and my developer token as post data, Why do i received an empty json string in return?

Lovense Remote must be connected to the same network as the device calling the API

Last Updated: 6/10/2022, 5:30:59 PM