Lovense offers several solutions for integrating with our products and services. Web camming and games are the most common integrations of our technology.

If you are developing a live webcam site or something else in the live webcam industry, choose from our Cam Solutions.

If you are developing a game integration, personal project, or something else outside the webcam industry, our Standard Solutions are usually the best choice.

If you are developing a mobile or PC application, choose our Native SDK available for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Still not sure what option to choose? Click here for guidelines.

If you have any questions or additional requirements, please contact us.

Cam Solutions (with Lovense Connect)

Whether you run a cam site or a service for the camming industry, our Cam Solutions will let you easily integrate our best-in-class technology into your platform. Add tip-activated vibrations to your platform and let your users join the 90,000+ models using Lovense on cam.

Cam Extension for Chrome

Our Chrome extension - the most powerful camming tool for tip-activated toy control.

Broadcast with any Lovense toy(s) and access a full range of custom features like tip vibrations, games, chatroom notifications, video overlays, and more.

Cam sites we've integrated with this way:

See the Documentation

Cam Kit for Web

Integrate a JS file into your webpage to embed our core features and get basic functions like tip-activated vibrations.

Offers you more control over the user's setup process, but fewer features for models.

Cam sites we've integrated with this way:

See the Documentation

Custom Cam Solution

Our Basic APIs offer more customization.

Cam sites we've integrated with this way:

See the Documentation

Standard Solutions (with Lovense Remote)

Our Standard Solutions enable sending commands to Lovense toys by HTTPS or WebSocket. This is most commonly used by developers of games and other apps.

Standard API

A simple method to send commands to Lovense toys.

For integrating with
PC Games
PC Applications
Web Games
Web Applications

See the Documentation

Standard Socket API

If you are familiar with WebSocket, we recommend using a socket connection based solution.

See the Documentation

Basic JS SDK

For a web application, we recommend using the Basic JS SDK.

See the Documentation

Native SDK

Integrate Lovense features into your app using one of our SDKs.

For integrating with
iOS Apps
Android Apps
Windows Apps

See the Documentation

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